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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 2, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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>> i love the food but i also support what they stand for >> so many customers that they ran out of food. thousands went to chick-fil-a to eat chicken and send a message. >> a beloved statue stolen from a bay area church and the scene of the crime is right across the street from the police station. how they were able to get away without anyone noticing >> a lot of vitamins and nutrients >> there is vitamin water, dream water, skinny water, but are they any better for you?
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>> talked-about the trip of a lifetime? how you can get a free ride to our space. >> business at chick-fil-a has never been so good. customers just keep coming in and some restaurants even ran out of food today. there were long lines all over the country for what was called chick-fil-a appreciation day. best songs were forced to turn people away and close early because they ran out of food. the company has been under fire for its ceo's stance on the marriage. >> the chick-fil-a in fairfield was supposed to close at 10:00 the night but instead they're shutting down four hours early because they ran out of food. people jammed the restaurant to take a stand against gay marriage >> i believe marriage should be between a man and woman
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>> a fast food chain at the center of a national debate >> we want to support chick-fil- a and their conservative values >> for conservatives, the chicken restaurant has become an unlikely rallying point. >> thank god for chick-fil-a >> these long lines of tributes to chick-fil-a president dan kathy who came out last week as an opponent of same-sex marriage. we're very much supportive of the family he said, the biblical definition of a family unit. his words set off a firestorm. >> i am one for freedom of expression for sure, and people can say whatever, but it seems like they've gone out of their way to challenge people that they did not necessarily need to >> back in fairfield one same- sex marriage supporter watched from a distance in discussed >> i think it is disturbing that someone can come out and say hateful things against a
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community >> by evening the restaurant was forced to close >> id made me want to cry >> there were attempts at counter protest. about what a dozen people showed up to support same-sex marriage at a future chick-fil- a in san jose. same-sex marriage supporters are not finished yet. they're planning a series of so-called case begins in and they will show up and encourage same-sex couples to kiss in support of gay marriage. >> a south bay church wants its statue back. somebody stole st. bernadette and what is even more puzzling is that it happened across the street from the police department. >> for 15 years there she was, a statue of st. bernadette listening to all who came to pray >> these two bolts over here is
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where hit she was bolted down >> she was stolen sometime last thursday. the thief unbolted the 3 ft. tall $10,000 porcelain statue. one person could have done it alone but to loaded into a vehicle quickly they likely had helped >> it is not only a house of god but it belongs to the community so stealing from the community and god is unthinkable >> bearable. the campbell police department is directly across the street. pretty brave? >> yes and no, we have a lot of traffic going back and forth >> he says that officers were busy with a fatal accident on the other side of town. >> we're hoping that the person who stole it will find it in their heart bring the item back to the church and replace it
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undamaged and get it back to its rightful owner >> parishioners are doing their best to move on >> is between him and got so hopefully we get the statue back and he can find within his heart to ask forgiveness is >> the deacon had a message for the thieves >> i hope this incident is may be some kind of catalyst to have him draw closer to god. >> back here live at the campbell police department, it is about 100 yds away from the crime scene. the church says they want the statue back with no questions asked and if they do get it back they will likely not press any charges. >> developing news out of southern california, a smoky wild fire that has destroyed at least one home is about 50 percent contained. it is called the volcano fire
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and it has burned 400 a. in marietta in riverside county. it started by some sparks that were thrown after barbwire got caught in equipment. an elderly woman who was beaten and sexually assaulted in richmond months ago has now died. police say the 82 year-old woman passed away in a hospital yesterday from her injuries. in january a manager at a big o tire store founder behind the shop. she was bloody and bruised and unconscious and police believe she was out walking when she was attacked for some reason and she never regained consciousness. there are no leads and they're asking anyone with information to come forward >> tonight we're getting a look at the huge cache of weapons that san francisco police say a homeless man id in his car.
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police arrested him last month after they spotted a shotgun on his front seat. they say they searched his car and found another gun, a rifle scope and 5800 rounds of ammunition. neighbors say he was living in the car and harassing people >> and never made by contact or talked with him, i kept my distance. there are some many bulk of people, you just don't know and i felt he was one of them >> police say he was also carrying knives, survival gear and methamphetamine cookbook >> a bad couple of days for the oakland police department. it is in jeopardy of being taken over by the federal government and now, a scathing report accuses the apartment of wasting taxpayer money, spending nearly $2 million on equipment it rarely or never used. >> we did not set out to
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squander $2 million. >> oakland's police chief was ready to answer charges his department mismanage nearly $2 million >> i don't take that lightly, $2 million is 20 more cops >> city auditor courtney ruby found a police department made bad purchases, buying technology that was never used or underused that was not suitable for the job and in three cases the companies went under so the city had no way to recoup its losses >> this is what is so disappointing and discouraging, the systems did not even work. almost $2 million and they never even worked. how can you explain that to the taxpayer? >> the auditor says the police department and the i 80
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department were not communicating >> police officers are not really that technical >> the chief took issue of criticism of the shot spotter system to help police find where the guns were fired. in one year registered nearly 3000 alerts but it did not work as planned for years. it took a modification to make it effective >> is not acceptable as the city auditor or in the eyes of the public that half a million dollars and five minutes, five years later he will turn it is defective in the middle of a public safety crisis this >> there's a sense the department has taken a beating but the auditor and the police department seem to be on the same page now. among their recommendations it is a long-term plan and getting guarantees from vendors.
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will hire a director and occasionally a consultant to help them make better purchases. they have until january to tell the city auditor the changes they have made. >> a frequent flier perk that is truly out of this world >> what one airline passenger will need to do to get a free ride to our space. >> from a better night's sleep to extra vitamins. special water is all the rage. which of the brands really do what they say they will do >> london's mayor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a new poll shows president obama leading in a key swing states that will decide the election according to a poll. in florida, the president leads
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mitt romney by six points. he is also ahead by six points in ohio. the president's biggest lead, pa., where he is ahead by 11 points. voters in those swing states were asked which candidate would do a better job handling the economy and the results were just about evenly split. there is a new way to gauge the race. where once the new political future. the political index is an aggregate of all 400 million post sent every day. it ranks politicians on a scale of 0-100. today the president was at 44 and mitt romney was at 26 >> maybe you are lucky enough to get a free carry-on or some perks of being a frequent flier. now you can add a free ride into outer space. elizabeth cook with a one-of-a-
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kind airline offer >> virgin america says is an effort to bring some glamour and excitement back to traveling. we're used to seeing airlines offer incentives like free flights but virgin america is offering a perk that is truly out of this world. it is safe to say that christina is a loyal customer when it comes to flying. she is on a virgin america flight at least twice a month and was not surprised to see the airline was adding a few benefits to frequent fliers. >> absolutely, in a heartbeat i would be first in line >> it's like winning the golden ticket >> she is the vp of marketing and says the suborbital trip is part of the airline's elevate frequent flier program which also includes some down-to-earth perks >> raids, " bordon, you'll be
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able to move quickly through security >> only instead of collecting miles passengers accrue points based on the amount of money they spend. the member who earns the most amount of points over the next year will earn a free seat on virgin galactic fly into space >> it will be a 3 hour trip and since you are out of gravity he will not weigh anything >> being outside of earth, our space blows my mind >> scott flies virgin airlines when he can but he thinks it sounds a little bit spacey and would prefer a free trip closer to home >> a lot of seats on virgin domestic, how about that? >> just one seat costs around $200,000. there're only six seats available per trip. this is only for one very lucky
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customer. as for when the flight will officially launch, no set date as of yet but they do say they are in the final stages of testing >> on store shelves everywhere, bottled water that claims to keep you awake, help you sleep or provide important vitamins. >> there are so many options, it begs the question, what is wrong with regular water? >> to be honest there's nothing wrong with it >> some bottled water cost as much as $3 >> that is crazy >> it comes in a small bottle. take this 2.5 oz bottle of dream water that claims to put people to sleep. a clinical nutritionist says that melatonin supplements might help you sleep better but there
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is nothing to support using all three of them together >> rather than relying on this which will be two-$3 per bottle, it makes more sense to change other factors that will be more helpful >> by exercising and limiting distractions while trying to rest. then there is vitamin water >> allot of vitamins and nutrients >> yes but regular vitamin water has 120 cals or 8 tsp. of sugar. the zero option has natural sweeteners and 0 cals. all of them are nutrients you can get in a healthy meal >> it is easier for them to pick up a bottle of water with vitamin c rather than peeling an orange and eating it >> skinny water has citrus max but there is no evidence that it helps curb your appetite. then there is coconut water,
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usually 60 cals per serving >> it is ok in moderation >> other waters have potassium added because it is an electrolyte and it could be helpful to people who work out. >> it may be useful to have some kind of beverage that has electrolytes >> is this ball will water craze really worth it? >> i would say tap water or filtered water is the best thing for people. >> each of the three ingredients have been individually studied. they also say the product as help tens of thousands of people with rest and relaxation. decaffeinated water company claims it is not a coffee substitute but a healthy energizing alternative to sugar beverages. we have not heard back from the
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makers of skinny water >> he just wanted to have a bit of fun but instead, the london mayor was left hanging during the olympics celebrations. mayor boris johnson was riding is that line when the ride suddenly stopped. luckily he took it all in stride. >> get me a ladder! >> he spent about five minutes dangling there before crew members attached a line and eventually drag and the rest of the way down. >> we're actually able to see the full moon in some places tonight. we will talk about the chances
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>> today we had a high of 67 degrees in san francisco. 94 in livermore. transamerica building is 850 ft. tall and 30 minutes ago you could not see the path. nevertheless we will continue see the clouds and low fog push into debate tonight before the most part the stratus clouds will laying pipe to the coast for much of the day. clouds right there at lunchtime don't want to go anywhere very quickly. they want to stay there all day long. monsoon moisture stays to the east and we have one more day of high temperatures.
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fifties and sixties at the beaches. '70s and '80s across the peninsula. it will top out at 96 degrees in pleasanton and brentwood. the wind will rotate to the north later in the day. 90 degrees in nevada. the extended forecast shows we start clear the skies and cool off by friday. slightly below average numbers this weekend. for all of your,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you have to feel badly for aubrey huff who was placed back on the disabled list to create a roster spot for hundred pence. underpants' barely had time to get comparable before the new york mets got on board. matt cain second pitch of the game, gone. hunter pence received a stranded, standing ovation but he finished the night 0-4. bases loaded, the inning ending double play. the giants could only muster. that is the game, but the mets
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win and the giants have lost six of their past seven games. l.a. was swept at home by the diamondbacks. the diamondbacks are closing in. the a's set a franchise record with 19 wins in july. the a's are wrapping up their series. the knockout blow in the eighth inning, a solo shot and campeau wins 4-1. the a's lose back-to-back games for the first time since june. >> the thing i love about this clubhouse is we don't care. so what that we lost two in a row, we will take it out on the
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next team tomorrow. >> twitter has become a big deal, not all of it is flattering. vince scully is still trying to get the hang of it. >> the dodgers received eight twitter. but twitter came from shane and it read, or do you say twit? >> he makes the catch and is not even do a phased plan. so much for speaking softly and carrying a big stick, teddy roosevelt got taken out by thomas jefferson who goes on to win the race. that was not as quite as impressive as preserving matt cain perfect game. nate schierholz, the guy who
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was thrown in in the hunter pence deal, he hit a home run that ended up being the difference as the phillies beat the nationals. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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